Philadelphia Veterans Day Parade 2017

Members of the NJ First Flyers program volunteered their time to march and distribute flags in the Philadelphia Veterans Day Parade with the Liberty USO. More than 3,000 participants, including 34 Veteran Service Organizations, also marched in the celebration honoring veterans in the tristate area.

The mission of the Liberty USO is to enhance the quality of life for U.S. Armed Forces personnel and their families. This is done through multiple programs such as care packages for our Armed Forces and back-to-school drives for the children of military families.

First Flyers Willie Eatmon and Felice Walker marched alongside volunteers from the Liberty USO. Each volunteer had a unique and fulfilling experience.

“An army vet approached the parade and thanked the USO for assisting not only him throughout his service, but also his daughter who is currently serving,” Willie said.

Felice had a personal connection with the USO. “Growing up with two parents who were active duty in the military, I had firsthand experience with the USO and the help they give to soldiers and their families,” she said.

The current First Flyer cohort spent the month of October competing in teams to develop fun event proposals to raise money for the Liberty USO. The winning team will have their idea executed in New Jersey the first quarter of 2018.



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