Phoenix Office Donates Thousands of Oral Hygiene Supplies to Brighter Way Institute

During the month of May, Freedom Mortgage employees from the Phoenix, AZ office held a Dental Hygiene drive to benefit the Brighter Way Institute, a local non-profit health clinic that provides dental care services to underserved residents in Phoenix. The office collected nearly 4,000 essential dental items to donate to the clinic which will be distributed Veterans, Un-insured and foster children, the homeless, and working poor families.

Toothbrushes: 2,262

Toothpaste: 1,519

Mouthwash: 9 large, 10 small

Floss: 68

Travel size toothbrushes and toothpaste: 52

Kids Toothbrush: 30

Toothbrush Holders: 36

Gum: 6

Freedom Mortgage is dedicated to the communities in which we operate, and this mission aligns with that of the Brighter Way Institute. The organization has treated over 8,000 homeless, over 18,000 children, and over 1,00 veterans yearly under the leadership of Dr. Kris Volcheck.

Click here to donate or learn more about the Brighter Way Institute:

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